b'ReclaimFully fund and advance Middle programs over the next three years to redefine what it means to be a church today so we can respond and reframe the conversation around Fierce Love that will empower us to live authentically, grow and act.Middle programs will: Embolden our prophetic, transformative and artistic worship that translates in both physical and digital spaces.Further develop rapid and sustained responses that enable us to dismantle racist, classist, sexist, xenophobic, transphobic and homophobic systems of oppression, so we can heal the world.Equip and grow our programming team to create relevant and timely educational tools that serve both secular and non-secular spaces.These programs will:Enrich the lives of all the people in our globalSupport Cohorts such as Seniors, LGBTQIA Communities, neighborhood, no matter where they live, who they love,Young Adults and Parents.how the look or how they earn a living.Embrace and center Justice Initiatives (Voting Rights, Empower a diverse staff, board and congregation thatLGBTQIA+ Equality, Economic Justice, Antiracism and reflects women, Blacks, Latinx, Asian Americans, andBlack Lives Matter).whites of all genders and sexualities as they work side-by-side, leading the nation in advancing social justice,Create gathering space for our neighbors to nourish anti-racism, LGBTQIA+ and womens causes locally andcommunity.nationwide. Offer volunteer service opportunities and enhance our feeding programs.22 MIDDLE RISING22 '