b'Repair Joy in our Freedom Summer SchoolMiddle Church will seek mission-aligned partners to increase our impact in secular programming and outreach; strategically responding to a hurting world with just love.A key partnership will be Freedom Rising,an evolution of our current independent 501(c)3. Freedom Rising will be the catalyst for diversified funding and transformational justice through:Conferences and trainings that deliver relevant and timely educational tools that equip leaders to change the world. A Childrens Defense Fund Freedom Schools site at Middle Church.*Freedom Center for Racial Healing to mend harms done to Indigenous and Black people by our ecclesiastical ancestors, and to work toward an anti-racist society.Through our partnerships we will deliver: Queer Black Men programmingAnnual justice conferencecurrently brandedTrans awareness and remembrance trainingRevolutionary Love Pride programming all year long, including Middle Antiracism training Out Loud support groupYoung Adult Leadership Lab*The Childrens Defense Fund Freedom SchoolChildrens Defense Fund Freedom School will ensure every child a healthy start, a head start, a fair start, a safe start and a moral start in life and successful passage to adulthood JustArts program for teens with the help of caring families and communities. With a targeted opening in 2025, the school will provide summer and after-school The Village Chorus for Children and Youth enrichment through a research-based and multicultural program model that supports K-12 scholars and their families through five Juneteenth Now mentoring programs essential components: high quality academic and character-building enrichment; parent and family involvement; civic engagement and Freedom Center for Racial Healing social action; intergenerational servant leadership development; and 24 MIDDLE RISING nutrition, health and mental health.24 '