b'An Invitation into a Life-Changing Moment Three-year comprehensive budget.RebuildCenter for Spirituality, Justice & the Arts at Middle ChurchSanctuary and Social Hall** $19,866,500Increase our Digital Capacity $750,000(startup costs)Building Maintenance Fund $1,000,000Reclaim Fully Fund and Advance ProgramsProgram Funding$8,750,000(3 years including expanding current programs)Sustainability: Grow Middles $730,000Programming and Development Team(3 years of funding)*Repair Launch Freedom RisingProgram Spaces and Offices** $2,207, 500Middles CDF Freedom Schools Site $500,000Freedom Center for Racial Healing$500,000for Lenape and Black ThrivingTotal Comprehensive Budget $34,304,000Already Committed Gifts and - $19,384,000Insurance FundingRemaining Comprehensive $14,920,000Campaign Goal*Includes growing team and campaign fundraising costs**Includes soft-cost and contingency26 MIDDLE RISING'